1978 Sountrack

"Jazz musician and psychiatrist Denny Zeitlin composed his sole film score for Phil Kaufman's 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and he seems to have tried to pack a number of different styles into one. There is, of course, the ominous orchestral music typical of a horror movie. Then, too, there are small-band jazz passages that sound more typical of the composer. Some cues are played on a synthesizer. And there are moments that recall 20th century avant-garde classical music in its atonality and affection for found sounds." -ALLMUSIC


The Body Snatchers
Jack Finney

"But, showers of small frogs, tiny fish, and mysterious rains of pebbles, sometimes fall from out of the skies. Here and there, with no possible explanation, men are burned to death inside their clothes. And once in a while, the orderly, immutable sequences of time itself, are inexplicably shifted and altered. You read these occasional queer little stories, humorously written, tongue and cheek most of the time, or you hear vague distorted rumours of them. And this much I know, some of them, some of them, are true."

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