10151734 CANADA CORP.
A new enterprise directed by Detraform's Joel Blair, in partnership with Matt Smith and Kam Young. 

10151434 mockup.jpg




Design brief


Our product needs to looks good and get attention at this image size:


The good news is all these products look similar, ugly and medical.

I don't think our product should look too minimal and white. Some colour and a product in-line with refined homeware should stand out. On the other hand, we don't want the design to be polarizing. 

Bulb specifications:

  1. Lumens = around 5000 (from one or two bulbs inside the product)
  2. Colour Temperature = around 4000K - 5000K (can be up to 6500K but not necessary)
  3. No UV wavelengths which are 10nm - 400nm
    (I don’t think any light bulbs include UV spectrum wavelengths)
  4. Can be dimmable and flicker free with an electronic ballast
  5. Highest Colour Rendering Index CRI available with the above specs.
    (A full spectrum bulb produces a higher CRI by including a full spectrum of wavelengths. Incandescent light has a CRI of 100 while most fluorescent lights are around 80.)
  6. Shortest vertical dimension with the above specs
  7. Approved for sale in the North America

New info from Philips

An electronic ballast for dimming may cost $75-$100/unit. maybe that's why we only see this in the high priced products. Alternately we could include a high-low setting. But this needs more research. The BlueMax 42W is dimmable and sells for $99.

Product parts:

  • bulb
  • dimmer knob
  • electronic ballast
  • transformer
  • PCB board
  • wires
  • shell- base and shade

Verilux VT05

Inside the Verilux VT20


[click to enlarge]

Who is doing it right?

Innolux Tubo

Notice the dimmer switch on the back of the product.

I love the way this product shines 360º. This is the only light therapy lamp I've seen with this design feature. Can we do this too, or do we need reflectors behind the bulb to direct all the light forward?

Pablo "Elise"
aluminum and acrylic

A nice design inspiration but I think it's too minimal to stand out on Amazon. However the construction looks super easy to accomplish. 

Random lamp designs


< not actually a lamp

I'm really into this bent medal legs trend I saw all over Mexico City:


< Tuxedo Table Lamp at EQ3

I was really into everything I saw at the Tom Dix showroom too. Brass and brass details are hot right now.



Glass blocks.
(Alejandro Dumas 207 (2005). The glass blocks provide thermal and acoustic insulation, thermal protection and bullet proofing.)


Random inspiration from the venerable Detraform Instagram account:

I love the idea of sculpted shade like this concrete sculpture in Montreal. Probably not relevant for product 001.


3D printed lamp from CW&T

Branding ideas

I want the brand to feel classy and refined so we present a clear alternative to the cheapo competition and counter the "snake-oil" impression inherent in this product category. That top level branding can always be paired with more playful creative elements.

"Keep the sunny side up" is my salutation for thank you cards, letters, and copywriting. Sunny Side Up could also be a good company name but it doesn't fit the above criteria.

Solana in my other company name idea. It means "sunny side", like sunny side of a mountain, in Spain Spanish. In Mexico it's a last name.


Illustrations by Jame White
Kam if you land on an iconic feeling form, I could use the silhouette in some illustrations. I love the idea of the sun shining through the shape. Maybe illustrations in black and white to keep it feeling classy.

Photographs by Montreal's Jessica Eaton. (It's all in camera effects. No photoshop.)
I would love to play with shapes and light prisms in some branding element.


The competition is using images of people at the beach and big smiles. This does not relate to depression! Our branding will be genuine, sincere and resonate with people who wake up on a dark winter morning and feel like a streaming pile of garbage. Our product does not make you feel like you're at the beach. It helps you feel a little better throughout your day. Models are alone and illuminated by the product only. I continue the visual theme of an inner shape expressing winter outside, bright and warm in the little world we help create inside.

Photographs by Alfredo Cristinziano (processed by me.) 

I want the photos to feel sad and lonely. Also sexy. Also some that are warm and cozy. I want some with the model snuggling a white cat.

Inspiration from Plumen 

Location shoot accessories

Logo design style inspiration

I'm thinking about something referencing the sun or sunrays. Can the logo png sometimes create the circle effect shown in the images above?