The focus of the project will be to develop a logo and mini visual ID guide which we will build on to create the specific design elements needed for a polished Kickstarter campaign, one-page website and press materials. We will work with Jackson and his team to build out the Kickstarter campaign page, matching copywriting to visuals. We will also offer umbrella creative direction for elements we are not executing, but where our input can help create brand cohesion (video, photography, renderings).

Here's an list of the elements we will deliver:


• logo



• business cards loaded into for easy ordering



• brand colours



• graphic elements



• diagrams



• charts and graphs



• timeline



• app illustrations
(we can provide quick and dirty interface mockups if needed) 



• banner templates for Kickstarter updates, Facebook posts, newsletters 



• slick one-page website built on the Squarespace platform, designed to lead through to Kickstarter



• pitch day slide deck design (we'll work on this together)



• We will also work to include extra creative talent to bring some more personality to the branding, if our budget and time allows. We are thinking about an animated logo, custom illustrations for the website, animated gifs showing off the layers of technology in the headphones, or compose a fun jingle to use at the end of videos. We might have to choose only one of these elements to include.



When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."
– Buckminster Fuller





50% due upfront



Monday April 11 - May 09




We perform according to the following principles.
Integrity. Autonomy. Humility.

Integrity is an ideal we strive for as individual team members and as a business. It can be expensive, it can mean wearing your mistakes, and sometimes it means saying no. For a client, it means we work with transparency and with your best interests in mind. If we make you successful, our success will follow.

Autonomous workers don’t need to be hand-held and micromanaged. Each player is a manager-of-one who can set the tone, assign items and determine what needs to get done. This is how we offer big services with a small team, and it’s crucial when working remotely and across time zones. As a client, this means you don’t have to use your in-house manpower to manage us.

Humility means we’re honest about our capabilities and where individual’s strengths and weaknesses lie. If you want to hear a lot of big-talking "we can do anything" attitudes, you came to the wrong shop. We don’t have all the answers but we do know how to find them.