This is a story about a father caring for his daughter.

Sylvain is a message therapist and personal trainer. He has expertise around the body, pressure points, ergonomics, posture and health. When travelling with his young daughter he saw that her sleep posture was a disaster. It was awkward, uncomfortable and unsuccessful for sleep. After trying different travelling pillows, he discovered that none of them helped his daughter's head rest is a comfortable and healthy position. Sylvain's sleep tool / travel pillow was born out of this research. His travel pillow is designed to hold the head in a comfortable and sleepy position. It is not dependent on the kind of chair, window or neighbour the traveller sits next to. Rather, this tool uses the users own body to create support for the head. It works for any age, size, position and travel mode. Use it in the cars, the plane or the train.

With the invention of this product, Sylvain has created a new kind of travel pillow for kids and adults. It solves a common problem experienced by any sleepy traveller.



The product design and appearance creates a challenge for the branding and marketing. It looks very different from common travel pillows. It looks like a tool more than a pillow. It's not immediately evident what it is, or that it would be particularly comfortable to use. The product could easily give a silly, home shopping channel, impression. Just another "better mouse trap", single use product.

The design, with it's human form fingers is unusual and has a lot of personality. We believe those fingers give the product enough personality on their own. We don't want the design to add any additional cutesy, colourful or silly personality. The rest of the design should be focusses on making the product look cozy and comfortable. The colours should be subtle and uniform.

Which of he following is the tone of the product and branding focussed on?

  • invention / innovation
  • health / posture / health science
  • travel / movement / jet setting lifestyle
  • sleep / comfort / coziness

We need to focus on one clear message. I believe that message should simply be about getting a good restful sleep when travelling. I don't think we want to get too deep into the health science of posture or the different configurations of the product.

The product looks weird. We can't pretend otherwise. We can't hide this fact and maybe we can't play it down. So let's draw attention to it's weirdness, and own it. 



Many of the issue we would normally be concerned about are not too relevant for this naming process. Because we're focussing on only one success product launch, and not on building a larger brand, we can focus on what works well just for the campaign. Let's name the company and product the same thing. We can expect to also need a product description like "travel pillow" or "sleep tool" after the name so there's no question about what the product is for. 

We could give the company a name that describes the design like "sleep arm". But this may be going in the direction of an "As Seen on TV" style product.

Let's work on a name that supports the brand story and feels cozy or dreamy.

























Safety Card Parody



This things really has me thinking about Barbapapa. Barbapapa was a series of children's books and cartoons featuring a family of characters who could shape-shift at will. The product is kind of like a shape-shifting Barbapapa arm. Imagine an animation where the product is swirling around a little girl, changing form.



Also my ideas for some branding elements really ended up looking like Mr. Tickle! 



Product: Sheathed in a consistent mid-tone grey sweater
Brand name sewn into the "sweater" or a a nice tag which uses the primary brand colour

Trademark: A playful logo that references the product design.

Brand Story: Focus on the idea of a father caring for his child.

Graphics: Use single colour illustrations to communicate the brand messages. We can show a series of "sleep fails" and the product solving these problems. Illustrations will make the tone more cozy and friendly.


I went to Simons to photography some cozy fabrics. I recommend using a mid-tone grey, soft cotton fabric to cover the product.


← I like this style of cotton weave the best. It's super soft and cozy and would be comfortable to lay your head against. It would also bring a premium feel to the product because it's a fabric not normally used on a travel pillow.

To add extra cushiness, we could double up the fabric, or add a cotton backing similar to what is used on the gloves above.