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We scanned the 1970s model.



We made a series of design revisions to more accurately reflect the stadium design, and make this product our own.

We have completed the following improvements to the 1970s model:

  • Eliminated air conditioning units on tower.
  • Added windows on front and sides of tower.
  • Raised column form on side of tower.
  • Improved shape of funicular.
  • improved shape of tower vaults.
  • Improved shape of skylights on tower vaults.
  • Removed concrete pools.
  • Improved tower vault exits.
  • Improved shape of roof cavity in tower.
  • Added copyright text and signature to bottom.



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We have mailed our 3D printed model and paper prototype of the package for your approval. Once we have your approval, we will move forward with molding and manufacturing the model and package.

For purposes of your approval, please note:

  • The letters on the bottom of the prototype did not print well. This is a limitation of the 3D printing process. We'll make sure the letters are clear on the final, injection molded product. You may also notice that the top and bottom parts of the stadium disc do not meet up perfectly. This is also a result of the 3D printing process.
  • The box is a simple paper prototype. The final package will be made of a thick gift-box quality cardboard for a premium impression.
  • Details on the bottom of he box will be completed as specifications are confirmed.



Please let us know if you can help us find the high resolution images we can use on a postcard or small fold-out booklet. We're looking for vintage images of the stadium, photos of Taillibert and Drapeau, and photos of the roof opening at an Expos game summer 1989.

11. Story for accordion booklet


Second draft (will be printed in French and English)

Part 1

The construction of the Montreal Olympic Park is a story of one great dreamer searching for another. When Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau met French architect Roger Taillibert, he found a pyramid builder with a futuristic vision grand enough to match his own. What they left Montreal is a modernist monument on the scale of the great chateaux and cathedrals of Europe.

”Men have to make an effort of imagination and action, or all is lost. Man’s desire to change and evolve must not be blocked.”
– Taillibert, Toronto Star, May 26th, 1976

Towering over the east of Montreal, the stadium is a thoroughly unique structure. It’s design style could be named 70’s organic-brutalism. The Olympic Park includes three curving structures. A ring-shaped stadium features massive cantilevered ribs and seating for a small city. A central leaning tower, with vaults flaring out on two sides, houses an aquatic centre. And the ovular velodrome, covered by another giant three lobed vault, where colossal skylights bathed light on a completely open interior. The most ambitious element of the stadium is it’s fabric, wired supported roof, built to retract like a curtain as big as the sky.

Part 2

When I approach the Olympic Park I get the feeling of a mother ship floating down from the heavens, and landing in a river of concrete ramps while docking with a bizarre, leaning mast. Taillibert created a space where what is real and what can be imagined coalesce in a structure too fantastic to be believed.

Four decades on, the stadium stands as an extraordinary piece of public art. It’s an heirloom from two explosive personalities that defined cultures and civilizations.

-Joel Blair
Detraform HQ



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