Nura is a new enterprise developing audio technology set to redefine how we experience the music we love. Their first product is a pair of headphones ready to launch on Kickstarter May 16, 2016.

 Detraform is a boutique design consultancy and product development firm based in Montreal. We are prepared to develop creative assets to present a clear and cohesive brand presentation across Kickstarter, nuraloop.com and press materials.


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I start by learning everything I can about your business. I ask WHY, then How, then What. I want everything from product design, graphics and imagery, to what you wear on stage to be considered. Everything supports the brand message."





As a creative director I create budgets that will support and elevate the product. I select, commission and direct the best design studios and creative talent to surround your business in credibility."

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Core company beliefs are defined.
These company values are expressed consistently through product design and all branding content.
Nura connects with customers who share their set of beliefs.




DETRAFORM is a design-driven consultancy and product development firm based in Montreal. Our products are characterized by their honest intention, useful function and industrial standard production. Detraform works with the best in the industry because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.


Joel Blair is the founder of Detraform and the mastermind behind the Swissvoice L7 telephone. His work has been featured in Wallpaper, Monocle and Wired UK. Joel's a team builder and project manager with a focus on design and user experience. After projects with SGW Global, Swissvoice and Neptune, he's ready to assemble his next team.

Joel's committed to developing premium products and brands that your team will be proud to bring to market.



The least I can say is that the design community is indebted to creative entrepreneurs like you."
 -Karma Len. Senior Chief Designer, Samsung

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Our partners on this project

Ty Johnston
Graphic designer, art director
Montreal, Canada

Ty has worked in and out of creative agencies for 12 years and he's Detraform's secret weapon. He's fast, professional and on top the latest design trends. Detraform partners with Ty on most of our branding projects


Jackson Wightman
PR expert, Proper Propaganda
Montreal, Canada

Jackson is our partner for your communications, press relations and inbound marketing. He helps organizations clarify, simplify and spread their stories. Once your message is defined and your creative content ready to share, Jackson spreads the word and gets your product the attention you need. Jackson is a crowdfunding expert and the PR agent behind Kickstarter darling Revols, which raised $2.6 million.