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Marisol Barrios is a multidisciplinary designer developing custom furniture, lighting and landscapes for commercial clients. With a portfolio of gorgeous designs and several successfully completely client projects, Marisol is ready to reposition her business, graduating from presenting herself as a freelance designer, to leading the design firm she named Estudio Barrios.

 Detraform is a boutique design consultancy and product development firm based in Montreal. We are prepared to develop a fresh visual identity and online home for Estudio Barrios that will showcase your work with graphic and web designs on par with your most established competition.


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I start by learning everything I can about your business. I ask WHY, then How, then What. I want everything you present to the public to express credibility for your firm. Everything supports the brand message."





As a creative director I create budgets that will support and elevate your enterprise. I select, commission and direct the best design studios and creative talent to surround your business in credibility."

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• Estudio Barrios has a new visual identity that you love and are excited to move forward with.

• Your work is presented online with a website you are proud to share and that makes you look like the big shot design firm you are about to become.

• Your new branding and website becomes an effective tool for getting new and bigger client projects.

• You get attention in the design press leading to greater credibility.




DETRAFORM is a design-driven consultancy and product development firm based in Montreal. Our products are characterized by their honest intention, useful function and industrial standard production. Detraform works with the best in the industry because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.


Joel Blair is the founder of Detraform and the mastermind behind the Swissvoice L7 telephone. His work has been featured in Wallpaper, Monocle and Wired UK. Joel's a team builder and project manager with a focus on design and user experience. After projects with SGW Global, Swissvoice, and the startups Neptune, Aerial and Nura, he's ready to assemble his next team.

Joel's committed to developing premium products and brands that your team will be proud to bring to market.



The least I can say is that the design community is indebted to creative entrepreneurs like you."
 -Karma Len. Senior Chief Designer, Samsung

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On this project we would partner with Leonardo and Minerva at Mexico City's Super Magic Friend. Detraform would take are of creative direction, client communication, project management and web development while working closely with Super Magic Friend on graphic design (logo, colours, illustrations and stationery).

Leonardo and Minerva. Does anyone loves their pets more than Chilangos?

Leonardo and Minerva. Does anyone loves their pets more than Chilangos?







The focus of the project will be to create a new brand ID and then to showcase that branding, along with your portfolio on new website, following the best design practices and current design trends. Here's the deliverables that we would include.


• logo

• animated logo

• brand colours

• brand fonts

• stationery design [business cards, letterhead, invoice]

• illustration set for skills/process section of website

• English copywriting editing

• website development

¿Did we leave anything out?



When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."
– Buckminster Fuller





50% due upfront


Additional costs to keep in mind:

  • Squarespace account $144 USD / year
  • Email addresses ie: marisol@estudiobarrios
    [could be included with your domain name registration]
  • Printing business cards
  • Illustrating your portrait to take your website to the next level $300 CAD






We perform according to the following principles.
Integrity. Autonomy. Humility.

Integrity is an ideal we strive for as individual team members and as a business. It can be expensive, it can mean wearing your mistakes, and sometimes it means saying no. For a client, it means we work with transparency and with your best interests in mind. If we make you successful, our success will follow.

Autonomous workers don’t need to be hand-held and micromanaged. Each player is a manager-of-one who can set the tone, assign items and determine what needs to get done. This is how we offer big services with a small team, and it’s crucial when working remotely and across time zones. As a client, this means you don’t have to use your in-house manpower to manage us.

Humility means we’re honest about our capabilities and where individual’s strengths and weaknesses lie. If you want to hear a lot of big-talking "we can do anything" attitudes, you came to the wrong shop. We don’t have all the answers but we do know how to find them.